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A Change in the Shopping Page

Cheri Slater and Harold Jackson, who have been preparing, selling, and delivering Pat’s Recipe meals in the greater Los Angeles area for the past two years are now the owners of Essentials4All supplement company.

You will now see essentials4all@patmckay.com on your supplement orders and the shopping cart items for Homeopathic Care have been removed

Payments for the supplements will continue as usual on the Shopping Page.


I am continuing to do nutrition and homeopathy.

     Payments to Pat for homeopathic care are:

          1)  Checks to Pat McKay, 236 Lucille Drive, Walker Lake, NV 89415 

          2) PayPal: Send Money to Friends  pat@patmckay.com 

          3) Zelle   pat@patmckay.com 


I am happy to say that this all came about to give me a break from 25 years of preparing the food, handling the inventory, labeling, delivery, shipments and all that is involved in the Essentials4All business.  I’m considering retiring completely when I am 100; only 13 years to go.

Pat McKay


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By Pat McKay


I am seeing many orders go through where just BIO-8 or just CLO-3 is being ordered.  It is important to know that BIO-8 and CLO-3 work as a team.  One doesn't work without the other. 

The reason the two products are in separate bottles is because BIO-8 has vitamin E, and CLO-3 has vitamin D, and if the two vitamins are given at the same time, they can and do inhibit one another.   

BIO-8-Powder is meant to go in the food, and the CLO-3-Pearls are to be given with butter as a treat at a different time of the day.

Without the CLO-3, the body cannot absorb, assimilate, and utilize the BIO-8 effectively and efficiently. 

Liquid cod liver oil should not be given because oils become rancid very quickly, sometimes even before you buy them. Rancid oils are carcinogenic.   It is essential that you give the cod liver oil in the form of soft gels…the CLO-3-Pearls.


Many of the people giving the BIO-8-Powder & CLO-3-Pearls to their animals are now realizing how much they, themselves, benefit from the combination of these supplements.  The main reason for having the BIO-8-Capsules was for people taking the supplement themselves. 


You can see by reading the Testimonials how well they work for people too.  http://essentials4all.org/TESTIMONIALS.html


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